Pissed Off Upstate NY Resident

President Jackson and Officials of Troy, NY

I can’t believe this is happening right here in upstate NY!!!
You mean to tell me that something amazingly thought-provoking finally
comes to our pathetically culture-dry region, and you have the non-
sensibility to shut it down? What are you thinking!!!
Oh, that’s right, you are not thinking. You are following. Following
the trend of racial hatred and division that this country was founded
I can’t imagine what hideous local, political, funded, hatred-bearing
forces could have brought you to this decision and I am annoyed to
know that they exist in my own backyard. That alone is worth our
thoughts and concern!!! It didn’t stop with you however, this cancer
of prejudice is everywhere, even in the City of Troy, as was shown by
the extremely lame excuse used for shutting down the Sanctuary for
Independent Media.
As a resident of nearby Canajoharie, NY, I am disappointed and angry.
Here Troy had a chance to provide a place for much needed dialogue and
instead it becomes a place of shame.

Julie Sadler
Collage Clearinghouse
Canajoharie, NY


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