Concerning the Closure of the Sanctuary for Independent Media

Dear Mayor Tutunjian,

As an artist yourself, you must understand the importance of both freedom of expression and the role that artists play in the culture of any place.  I am sure, then, that you are horrified as I by the recent turn of events regarding The Sanctuary for Independent Media.

Troy’s much-ballyhooed revitalization is inextricably linked to the vitality of the arts community here, a community that is currently feeling a considerable lack of respect from the City’s administration.

I look forward to hearing your public condemnation of Mr. Mirch’s behavior as soon as possible.  Your constituents are awaiting your response, Mr. Mayor, and at times like these we need a leader who will stand up for what’s right.

Penny Lane


One response to “Concerning the Closure of the Sanctuary for Independent Media

  1. Is Troy New York burning books, or silencing free speech, or punishing the minority because a minority’s feelings or the majority’s feelings are hurt, or afraid of the the free market of ideas, or trying to prevent artists from expressing art which hurts the beliefs of of some, or contrary to the President’s image of a person to be trusted, or trying to stir up mob mentality against political opponents to the President’s waste of America’s lives and treasury, or encouraging fascism ?

    Myles Glasgow
    4535 Concord Lane
    Skokie, Il. 60076

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