Concerning Wafaa Bilal

Dear President Jackson,

As a recent alum of RPI, I must say that I am horrified (thus far) by
the university’s handling of the Bilal case. I am writing to share my
hope and expectation that the Institute might move forward in a more
just and open manner – a manner more befitting a world-class
institution of higher education.  I will keep this brief as I am sure
you are receiving lots of other emails related to this matter.

Firstly, I am expecting that RPI is planning to issue some kind of
official response to the irresponsible blog post that started all of
this.  This young blogger libeled Mr. Bilal by  falsely called him a
terrorist.   This is not how we treat visiting scholars.

Secondly, I am expecting that the Institute will re-open the exhibit
and initiate a community-wide dialogue about the art work and the
events surrounding it on campus.   The student body deserves an
opportunity to reflect on what has just happened on their campus.

Thank you for reading this, and best wishes for you and the Institute
as you move forward,
Penny Lane.


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